Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many Toyota dealers, why should I buy from you?
We offer huge competitive discounts and very affordable promos and our units are guaranteed brand new.

How Fast Does The Financing Approval Take?
Financing Approval From Banks take 1 to 4 days. In Some cases it takes only a few hours. We advice that you keep your contact lines open for possible calls from bank personnel.

My application have been declined before. Can I still apply?
We don’t have any control or influence to the financing companies but we would suggest you still try to submit your application because we are tied up with more one financing company which gives you a bigger chance of getting approved.

Is there any way to speed up the process of approval?
As mentioned earlier, we don’t have any control or influence in the approval process but one thing you can do is to show that you are serious about your application by including a reservation fee. Please remember that the reservation fee is refundable if application was unsuccessful.

What are the application requirements?
First requirement is a completed application form. Click the link to access the online application form and the rest will be determined by the approving bank as different financing companies have different requirements but we suggest you prepare 2 government issued ID with Signature, Proof of billing (current address), COE (certificate of employment), Payslip or Bank Statement. Those are usually the primary requirements.

I am a police officer, will I be approved?
The approval process is the same for everyone and as mentioned earlier, we don’t have any control or influence in the approval process. We suggest you still try to apply.

I live outside Metro Manila. Can I still Apply?
Yes but you have to consider that rates here in Metro Manila might not be applicable for orders outside Metro Manila or might be slightly higher because of the out of town charges, shipping and document processing fees. In many cases our offers are still cheaper than other dealerships even after the applicable fees are added. If you plan to purchase a vehicle from us, we suggest you add the applicable fees like the shipping & handling and document processing expenses and compare with other dealerships.

Can you deliver the vehicle I purchased outside Metro Manila?
Yes. We do provincial deliveries but the shipping and handling expenses are to be covered by the buyer.

How will you deliver vehicles outside Metro Manila?
In cases like this, we suggest you contact us for delivery arrangements.

I want to buy from you but your service center is far from our location?
You can have your vehicle serviced by other authorized Toyota dealerships closer to you. But please be sure that the dealership where you will bring your vehicle for service is an authorized Toyota Dealer.

I would like to trade-in my old vehicle. Do you do that?
Yes, we do have trade-in/s. Please contact us to schedule an appraisal of the old vehicle you wish to trade in.

What if the color I want is unavailable?
That’s when your reservation fee gets useful. If the color you want is unavailable, as soon as units arrive you will be given priority because you already have a reservation fee.

Where can I get an application form?
We have an online application page. Click here to proceed to our online application page.

How soon will you release the vehicle I purchased?
As soon as all the requirements have been submitted and the down payment received. In fact, we have experienced same day releases.

Do you give out discounts?
Yes we do. Contact us for more information.

Do you have test drives?
Yes we do. Please coordinate with us for a test drive schedule.

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